Trip of a Lifetime: Visiting the Okavango Delta

Do you have dreams of a desert vacation, in the middle of nowhere for a few days just gazing at sunsets and sunrises while still admiring nature in all its glory? Then the Okavango delta is the one trip of a lifetime you will live to remember. Let’s guide you on how to go about it.


How to get there

Take a to flight South Africa’s Johannesburg then connect to Maun, the small dusty town in Kalahari and then take a light aircraft flight or a road trip to the delta. If it is too many flights for you to book, you can ask a safari agent to book it for you. They have done it with thousands of others and they know the best package that will fit your budget, your day and your preferences. It is also cheaper to book via an agent.


What to carry

Your bag of gear must have binoculars. Then carry a camera, a power bank, hiking boots, sunscreen, a headtorch, anti-malaria pills and some money in USD. As for clothes, carry relatively light clothing but add in some warm clothes for the early mornings and nights because temperatures drop.

Best Time to Visit

To begin with, the best time to visit the delta is when the floods arrive from the Angolan mountains. No, they are the life flattening kind of floods since the delta is relatively flat and the swamp curbs the water so that it comes out a crystal river into the Okavango where the animals come out to play.


The best way to explore the delta is via a small canoe called the mokoro and you can fish for fun while taking the tour if you visit during the barrel run. The barrel run takes place between August to October, one of the warmest periods in the delta.

Where to Tour

Visit the Panhandle, the stretch between Shakawe and the delta proper preferably using a double-decker houseboat. You can then visit the Moremi game reserve in which a third of the delta is located and experience a mix of wood and wetland.


The Okavango is host to a multitude of conservations which will offer you live changing game drives across either the Duba Plains, Vumbura, Kware or Chitabe. You can also get to see all the elephants you could ever wish for at the Savuti channel.

What to expect

Well, this is a delta that is surrounded by the desert. Expect to see an expanse of sand and dry land that is dotted with wildlife. Birdwatching is one of the key activities of the trip so expect to come across at least 200 bird species of their more than 400 documented species during your trip. Water life is also teeming in the swamp and the river and the lush green vegetation will make you appreciate nature even more

As mentioned, this is quite the trip of a lifetime and is quite pricey because the lowest bargains will cost you from £3,149 with luxury full-on packages costing anything from £16,000.

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