The Ultimate African Waterfall Bucket List

Water cascading from long heights over rocks makes one hell of a visual feast and Africa is host to a multitude of these. if you have a bucket list to visit some of the best waterfalls in Africa, here is the complete list of places to try.

  1. Kalandula Falls, Angola

Located 360 Kms from Luanda in Kalandula, Malanje Province, this waterfall is on the Lucala River and falls 105 meters to the ground and are 400 meters wide. This is one of the biggest waterfalls in terms of volume and offers quite a show.

2. Lofoi Falls, DRC


This might be one of the most politically unstable countries on the continent but is also home to a 340meter waterfall that is one of the biggest in Central Africa. Also known as the Chutes Kaloba or the Chutes Lofoi, the falls are located in the Kundelungu National park in Katanga. They might reduce during the dry season but flare up during the normal seasons.

3. Blue Nile Falls, Ethiopia


Also called Tis Abay (great smoke), the falls are one of Ethiopia’s biggest tourists’ attractions. The falls are on the Blue Nile and are 30kms from Bahir Dar. They are four falls about 37- and 45-meters high that expand to an immense 400 meters during the rainy seasons.

4. Lumangwe Falls, Zambia


These falls are located on the Kalungwishi River are the biggest in Zambia and plunge a height of 40meters and span 160meters. They are located 80 km from Mporokoso and look very similar to the Victoria Falls.

5. Thompson Falls, Kenya


The falls are also known as Nyahururu falls, after the local town and is located on the Ewaso Ng’iro river. The falls plunge an amazing 74meters and attract many tourists to the small town of Nyahururu.

6. Ouzoud Falls, Morocco


Ouzoud means ‘grinding grain’ in Berber and the falls are located near Tanaghmeilt village in Azalal. These are a group of falls that beautiful empty over 600meters into the El-Abid River Gorge.

7. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


This has to be the most famous waterfalls in Africa due to its size. It goes by many local names ie Mosi-oa-Tunya which translates to The Smoke That Thunders and Shungu Namutitima which translates to Boiling Water Th falls is located on the Zambezi river and plunge 108 meters over a 1708meter span. The width makes it one of the biggest waterfalls in the world.

8. Howick Falls, South Africa


Located in Howick in the Kwa Zulu Natal province of South Africa, the falls are known as KwaNagqaza by the locals which means Place of the Tall One. The falls are on the Umgeni River, the falls are 95meters high and provide quite the lifeline for Howick through tourism.

9. Fourteen Falls, Kenya


Also known as the Chania Falls, the falls are located in Thika, 42 kilometers from Nairobi and is a series of fourteen distinct falls that fall 27meters and will blow your mind away.

10. Wadi El Rayan, Egypt


Last but definitely not least, is the picturesque Wadi El Rayan. Considered the largest in Egypt, the falls are located on the expansive Wadi El-Rayan valley that hosts a number of lakes as well. The falls are between the upper 50.90 km^2 lake and the lower 62.00 km^2.

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