The one where we went to Voyager Beach Resort – Review

Travelling to the Kenyan coast is a must tick on everyone’s bucket list and one of the best places you could stay in Mombasa is the Voyager Beach Resort.

Overlooking the white sandy beaches of the Nyali, the resort delivers a visual feast as you wake up, dine and sleep. The hotel is ship themed, something you might want to consider for your stress free accomodation.

To kick off the experience, you can have your mind at ease if you want a mark of quality, the Voyager resort is part of the world renown Heritage Hotels.

Staying at the Voyager is an exhilarating experience. The architecture is perfect for aesthetic photos. If you are a content creator or a keeper of memoirs, this is one of the perfect places to take photos.

With 236 cabins to offer, you can choose a room in which you will wake up to either a serene garden or the expansive ocean. The beach inspired rooms will literally wash away any stress you have at the moment. Travelling for work or working remotely, the high speed internet has got you covered. Work in your room or on the private balcony with a view straight from a dream The lawn area is dotted by palm trees which deliver a beautiful aesthetic and the complete coastal vibe. Whether you are travelling with your family or alone, there is enough room to ensure you get the most out of your coastal experience.

We understand that as a traveler, you highly consider reception and the staff as part of the experience. At the Voyager, the staff is kind and helpful and any queries you have will be answered appropriately. They constantly ask if you are okay and generally ensure you are having a great time.

Mombasa can be quite warm and you can beat the heat in the magnificent infinity pool that overlooks the ocean. There are also two more pools, one appropriate for kids and the other for a family.

Travel and food go hand in hand and The Voyager delivers a culinary experience unlike one you have experienced. The premises has three seafood restaurants with one of them specializing in seafood. Vegetarians are not left out of the fete as they can join in with a variety of vegetarian meals to choose from.Enjoy local and international cuisines by the beach.

Activities at the Voyager are so many you might not get to partake in all of them. From sailboating to diving, jet skiing, snorkelling and more, you are going to unleash your inner mermaid for this. Entertainment options are also great on the theme nights led by an amazing ‘A’ Team that aids also with most activities and the kids club, which means you enjoy some culture immersion at the comfort of the hotel.

Sustainability on the menu, the adventurers club will work on teaching the younger generation how to take care of the environment and making sure they are enjoying the vacation with games and activities.

You can get to the Voyager from Nairobi by using the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) or via flights. Mtembezi Tribe , our travel agency, will ensure a smooth transition from the hustle and bustle of the city to the cool oceanic seaside paradise at the Voyager Beach Resort Mombasa and you can contact us via +254799872221.

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