The Best Diving Spots in Egypt

Egypt is known for its pyramids, which is one of the wonders of the world, but the country is much more than that. In fact, it is home to some of the best diving sites. Are you a friend of the waters? Here is a list that will guide you to some of the best diving sites in Egypt.

Sharm El-Sheikh

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This is probably one of the most famous diving places and offers more than 30 spots for divers from this part of the resort. Due to its expanse, you can holiday here for a week and not even experience the tip of the iceberg. Sharm El-Sheikh is strategically located along the Red Sea, the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba. The location gives it a biodiversity that is almost not found anywhere else in the world. The kind of boring part of this is that due to its uniqueness, it can be touristy and full of people, However, this also means that there are many tourist companies that can help you easily book a fun trip.


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Located on the Red Sea, this resort offers an opportunity to see some of the best of the Red Sea marine life, wreckages and coral reefs. The place is a tourist hub that attracts many people due to its list of fun activities both in and out of the water.

Ras Gharib

Diving in Ras Gharib | PADI Travel

This is an upcoming site that is fit for people looking to explore the new spots under the sea. The site is on the Gulf of Suez and this is one of the most prominent spots for wreckage diving. There are some of the fan favorites including S.S Scalar, an oil tanker that was sunk by German boats in World War two. There are many other wreckages so exploration is a major point of fun for this spot.

The Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve

Best Guide to Diving at Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

This is another popular tourist and diver’s paradise in Egypt. It is located at the junction of the Red Sea and the Sinai Peninsula. The sea in this spot is home to an abundance of marine life and the water is so clear that even snorkelers can enjoy. On the warm time of the year, there are schools of fish that take over the reefs and bring the reefs to life in color and activity. This is one of the best places to experience sea life in all its natural glory.

The Brothers

60 Liveaboards in The Brothers, Egypt -

These are a pair of coral reefs named Big and Little Brother and are located in the heart of the Red Sea. Unlike some of the locations, this one is only accessible via a liveaboard boat. The place has a coral reef teeming with life and fish in some of the most vibrant colors. Divers have also seen some hammerhead, threshers and whitetip sharks in these waters. If you can stomach sea sickness, this is one spot for you.

Egypt is one of the most picturesque destinations in the world thanks to its contrast between desert attractions and water life. Depending on where you want to visit, there is something for everyone in this country.

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