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How much do professional photographers charge in Kenya?

Photography has become the rage around the world. This has led people to invest a lot into this craft but then the question they are left with is, how much do professional photographers charge in kenya? With the smartphone revolution, everyone has become a photographer to some measure. When we go to weddings, birthdays or even out on a vacay, our phones always come in handy. This has become an urban culture and even our grandmas are in with the new (Grandma discovers Selfie first time). This has led to tech companies developing better phone and entry-level cameras that are giving photographers especially Kenyan Photographer’s a run for their money. That said, here’s why the photography business is slowly dying as we know it.

Decent Photography gear is expensive and if you want to set yourself apart you’ll have to dig deep. Deep into your pockets, savings, and M-shwari. You’ll have to buy future-proof equipment that won’t be outdated within months and that is where your problems begin. Let me break it down for you. An Ok camera right now will go for about $3,000 – $3,500/-. A Nikon D850 or Canon 5D Mark IV would be my advice.

Photography Business

Nikon does it for me though.

Let that sink in as you will also have to invest in lenses, strobes, light stands, light modifiers, colored gels and the list goes on and on and on.

Since we already established that the market is heavily saturated with enthusiasts, phonographers (I like to call them that), amateurs, hobbyists. You will find that the average client will pay you very poorly. Others will want to pay you with ‘exposure’, while others will promise you a bigger gig next time. One client even offered to pay me with food. I have never eaten so much in my life…hehe.

This is probably where you will have the most trouble. You will strive to do amazing work, spend hours prepping, even wear socks to impress the client. Then slave for hours after the shoot to clean up images. After sharing the work, the client suddenly too busy and can’t be reached on phone, mail, social media or church. This is where you start looking at mganga posters seriously.

Non-Paying clients

Laugh now but you’ll call them later.


If you are getting into photography because it seems like a glamorous career where you’ll make easy money and get chics, you are half wrong (I can confirm the chics part is true). However, it is a tough business and if you don’t do your research well and sacrifice a lot of hours, you’ll end up with a whole lot of regrets and baby mamas. My advice would be this, if you don’t have the passion for photography, don’t get into the photography business for money. Get into it for chics!



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