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Yego’s story re-written, From YouTube to a Professional Photographer.

This is probably my first ever piece of writing that exceeds 160 characters that I have ever done willingly. This should be a quick and painless read I hope. If it isn’t you can stop reading it at any given point after the end. The mix of excitement and ‘why am I doing this to myself?’ is at a far out level right now. I guess getting a platform to speak to the masses of the internet is one thing we millennials take for granted. Knowing this, I am still going to post nothing of value because this is what my generation is all about.

My Interest

I’ll try my best to dwell on my interest in photography, which more or less is found in almost every one of us and I am not talking about the selfie psychopaths…hehe. Many who find themselves doing photography as a career are either there by chance or like me, by a kind twist of fate. I used to work for an ISP as a Network Administrator but I soon found out that it was not the path for me. No sooner had I started my networking career than it was all over and exploring my photography hobby took center stage. I had many other interests and leisure pursuits but none of them did it for me the way photography did. Although moving to photography as a career was something that I would never have fathomed, I would just say that it happened. Looking back, I would probably say that my biggest sway was perhaps the one that carried the least weight, I wanted to own a cool camera.




Below is a very informative video that is the quintessential guide to any beginner photographers out there. Enjoy




I come from a family that believes in believing in one’s self. And with this mentality, I tried to apply it to my new career path which was to be photography. With a spanking new Olympus camera, bought by a close relative of mine who was also on the same journey as I was, I set off to conquer the photography world. This was met with varied responses from my friends and family. One friend offered to buy me a bicycle so that I could go round estates looking for ‘clients’, others were encouraging and some thought that I was joking (They still do!).

Wrapping up

So I responded by putting in my time and learning from all the mediums I could access. And just like Julius Yego ‘the youtube man’ the internet and magazines were my main source of info and man did I go ham. As for my friends, I used most of them as muses, much to my amuse and/or abuse…hehe. I was not even an amateur yet but I had all that I needed to break into this exciting new chapter of my life. I quickly grew my skills and within weeks I had started doing decent photography. Below are some of the first decent images I ever took when I started.
Javi- Kenyan Male Model 2nd Night ShotChizi wa Umo Lupeh




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