I Know a Spot or Three: Ziplining in Nairobi

It seems the best way to experience adventure and travel is through ziplining. There are spots that have popped up all over the country and especially in Nairobi. If looking to get the best experience stringing yourself above a forest, here is a list of places you can safely do that. But before that, lets tackle some things that you should know before you go ziplining.

The first is to put your safety above everything else. This means trusting the best people to strap the harness and if you wish, the camera of your choice. Dressing appropriately is also a safety measure. In fact, there are some ziplining areas you cannot access if you are wearing a skirt. No matter the level of your conservativeness, put the skirt away this one time in favor of some comfortable leggings or tracksuit.

If you want to film the experience, you need to ask a professional to strap in the camera to ensure it does not go flying into the trees md flight. Okay back to the great spots.

Kereita Forest

This is probably one of the most prominent spots for ziplining. Kereita Forest has essentially the longest ziplines in East Africa that stretch on for more than two kilometers. The ziplines stand 100 meters above ground and the 60km per hour speeds will have your adrenaline rushing for hours afterwards. If your nerves are not in a knot as you soar above the trees, you will get to enjoy the scenic view that will absolutely blow you away. If the wind doesn’t. Apart from ziplining, Kereita also features a lot of other fun games like archery. This is definitely something you will go back to again and again. It will cost you around Ksh2800 ($28) for an adult for two hours and Ksh2300 ($23) for children.

Highropes Ngong Hills

The Ngong Hills have become synonymous with picnics and chill out Sunday afternoons. Highropes is not just a ziplining spot but a place with a series of challenges constituting of ropes, logs and steel that will guarantee memorable day. The costs range from Ksh1900 ($19) so it is pretty affordable.

Corner Baridi

This is one of the best places that is housed at the PEC Nature Camp located in Ngong hills. The line runs 20 feet at least 180 meters over the spectacular view of Kajiado. The spot is easily accessible for those who live in Nairobi and prices range from Ksh600 upwards so get ready for a great afternoon out.

Most of these places offer more than just ziplining, so you can look around for other interesting activities that will fill up your afternoon or day. This is one of the best activities for beginning adrenaline rushers so book a date and have the best time.

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