Experience Kenya in Taste: Foods You Should Try when You Visit Kenya

One of the best ways to experience any place’s culture is through their food and Kenya’s is a journey that your taste buds will never forget. If you are visiting Kenya for the first time, here are some of the best foods you should try out.


A staple food in the country, this is one of the best foods that define the country. It is made by cooking maize meal in hot water until it forms a firm consistency. The ugali is usually accompanied by some side dishes that are favored by different people based on their tribes or preferences. The most famous is Sukuma wiki (Collards) and beef, which is what we would recommend you try first. However, there are other combinations like indigenous greens, fish, omena (anchovies) or other types of meats.

Nyama Choma

If you only have one chance to try out Kenyan food, this is the one you should select. Nyama choma or farm roast is a range of meat, usually beef or mutton that is roasted over an open fire. The meats usually cook slowly while absorbing the smoky flavors of the charcoal used. Usually soft and juicy, nyama choma will have you on the plane back to Kenya just for a taste of the magic.


Mutura or Kenyan sausage is basically animal intestines stuffed with minced meat, some cooked blood, spring onions and other spices then roasted over fire. The mutura is usually found in many butcheries and is usually served with some kachumbari (salsa). If you visit the country and you notice spirals of smoke outside random shops in the evening, you can be assured some mutura is cooking.

Wali wa nazi

Rice is a staple for so many countries around the world. However, Kenya is home to wali wa nazi which is basically rice made in coconut cream. The food is from the Kenyan coast and is partaken with fish, chicken or a variety of vegetables. The burst of flavor in the dish will have you absolutely loving rice even more.


Mukimo is another common food that Kenyans love. It is made by mashing potatoes with either githeri (maize and beans/peas boiled together) and green leaves from pumpkin vines to create a firm consistency and is usually accompanied by vegetables, meat stews and curries.

There are so many other dishes and snacks you can try out like mabuyu, viazi karai, bhajias, mandazi and smokie pasua. Take recommendations from friends and locals since different parts of the country have their own local favorites.

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