Bali Essentials: What to Pack on Your Trip to Bali

There might be 17000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago but the only one that keeps popping up in your Instagram feed is Bali. The pictures of sandy beaches and lush green interiors with mountains make you want to pack your bag and head out immediately. Is this your mood? let us guide your packing list.

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First of all, for an island that attracts an average of seven million people yearly, you can be assured there is quite the activity in the place so pack lightly, and maximize on the shopping activities around the island. The little shops and even boutiques sell experience upon the experience of sun looking dresses. Your essentials should include;

Some quick-drying clothes

If you know about light travel and if you travel for longer days, you need to understand the need to quick-drying clothes. They save a tonne on space and ensure that you remain clean. A quick note that depending on where you are staying, leaving expensive clothing might have them stolen.

An overall cover for the religious places

Bali is largely Hindu and Buddhist and while the area is humid and full of sandy beaches, the locals are conservative in terms of dressing. If you are not on the beach, you might want to cover up a little. Some of the places you visit will be religious, like temples, cover your legs and shoulders in respect to the religion. Don’t be the one person that wears a bikini to the elephant cave.

Carry some repellant and a small first aid kit

Bali is full of rice fields and terraces and generally very green fields. If you have never had malaria, this is the one place you do not want to fall sick in. Carry some repellant to keep away the noisy bugs and a small travel size first aid kit. The kit should be really small and should probably contain probably pain killers, malaria pills, band-aids and some pain cream. If you need to add something else, you can just buy it in Bali.

Some sundresses and or vest tops

If you are a lady, this is a must-have. They are airy and easy to pack. Shorts and linen are also a good choice. Jeans are generally a no because of how heavy they will get. Cotton clothes are the best choice for the island.

Beach Attire

You will go to the beach a lot over your stay, so you can be assured that you need to pack bikinis and shorts. Have a throw on in case you need to go from the beach to walk around town.

Open Shoes

Even the people who live in Bali generally just wear flip flops and open shoes. Unless you hike mount Batur or Gunung Agung, flip flop or sandals should be your staple. The hikes will require you to have boots. You need to carry some heels or other shoes if you plan to party since some nightclubs in Seminyak or Kuta have restrictions on open shoes.

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