Adam’s take on: Nairobi Street Kitchen

The newest addition to Nairobi’s social scene is the Nairobi Street Kitchen, a collection of vivid colors, an eccentric vibe and a whole lot of food and drinks to explore. Haven’t been there yet? Here’s what to expect!

Opening its doors on 20th June 2021, this hotspot of all things food and beverage is conveniently located in Nairobi’s Westlands area, this space offers more than just a vast menu. What should you expect from the 11 kitchens?

Si Senior – Mexican Cuisine

Expect fire tacos, nachos, tortilla wraps, arroz con pollo and much much more. You may not be able to travel to Mexico but you can find the taste of Mexico here.

Desi Loco – Indian and Vegetarian Cuisine

Curries, naan, masalas, that mouth melting rogan josh running through your mind, the Indian Kitchen at the Nairobi Street Kitchen will have you dancing mid cafe with joy.

Hopskotch – Desserts

Decadent, moist, crumbly, chewy or crunchy, there are many ways different people like their desserts. If you have a sweet tooth, bring along a friend to indulge in this space.

68 Library – Wine Bar and Fine Dining Restaurant

Date night has never been funkier. Enjoy some of the best wine in town and accompanied by some fine food. The wine bottles encased in a glass wall are a site to behold. She’s definitely gonna say yes to a second date when the first one’s here. She’ll probably ask to return here.

Spilt Milk – Tea’s & Coffees

Breakfast and tea breaks are about to take a turn for the best. The finest coffees from around the continent and tea from the finest estates in Kenya. Baristas delivering the finest combinations of beverages. The aromas will waft you right up to Spilt Milk.

Nood – Noodle Bar

Stringy, chewy, long strands of pasta goodness in bowls of soup, chili, broth and so much more. Get ready to enjoy!

Buttr’d Buns – Gourmet Burgers

Perfect patties with the freshest toppings sandwiched between extra spongy buns and stringy cheese. Mouth melting goodness.

Bird Exchange – All things Chicken and Poultry

Kuku about chicken? This is the perfect place to explore all poultry flavours there are.

Fire & Dough – Pizzeria

The exhilarating taste of thin or thick crusts covered with a selection of toppings for your choice and the best tasting cheese you might have ever tasted, all crafted by the best chefs in the city.

Beer & Bones – Steakhouse, For the Meat Lovers

Nyama Choma or barbeque, whatever you call it, expect fire roasted meat. With special seasoning on some, you can expect some saucy nyam chom with kafirifiri kwa umbali for the ultimate boy’s club meet up. A plan, you guy my guy!

Social Roof Top Bar – Bar & Cocktail Lounge

Cocktails, craft beers, whiskies, gins and so much more at the social bar. The vibe is great for a meet up after work midweek or the Friday gig to usher in the weekend in style.

Nairobi Street Kitchen will be a gamechanger in the food and beverage industry in a city already teeming with a mix of culinary culture. The best part is that it’s all under one roof, or at least in one location. Rally up some friends and enjoy the day!

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